Thursday, February 12, 2015


I have learned a lot in this project. I am far from a professional photographer, blogger, and writer but I am satisfied with everything i have learned so far.
I have deviated far away from my original plan and purpose statement but I think i did it for the better. You never really know where your going once you start and i felt like that once i actually started my photo essay. Mike Tyson explained it best when he said that everyone has plan until they get hit. Which is true, I had a purpose plan that i thought would be perfect but once i started my photo essay things changed. The way my photos are set up completely changed my purpose. I broadened my audience and restricted my less in some areas but i also freed myself a bit from other areas.In my original plan i had original planned on having the narrative tell a different story but then as we read more and went to more classes i realized that the narrative told to much of the story instead of the pictures. My whole theme is to get people to see that lifting is actually pretty simple. My photo essay is not meant to be an allegory for anything else. It is just as simple as lifting

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