Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Defining work career and vocation

To me, work can be defined as doing something that you have to do that you are not completely passionate about. Career means that the activity you are doing is something that you get paid for. Vocation is something that you are really good at and you really enjoy. All of these three are similar, but vary in some sort of way. For example, hard work needs to be done to even find your vocation and then perfect it. Sometimes your vocation becomes your career and your work becomes your passion. Work, Career, and Vocation work together yet they conflict with each other. It creates a problem with what career path people choose, because maybe the career they pick is not something that they are passionate about. That is when a career turns into something that is work related. When you end up doing something you love regardless of how much income you recieve it is a vocation. Some people are blessed to be passionate about a career that happens to pay well. Others are only passionate about money, while the some only want is to be good at their vocation.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Photo Essay
Design plan

Ethos: I do not want to make it seem like I know all the answers to my photo essay. I want to make it come off as though I am an amateur. I want to make it seem to my audience that I am riding along the journey with them.
Pathos: Based on my purpose statement I want to make the audience feel motivated and connected to my story. My audience does not have to feel motivated to do what I am posing but feel motivated to do something they have always wanted to do.
Logos: Since I am doing physical fitness my photos place emphasize on proper form when lifting. My photos depict a progression of an exercise. It goes from a relaxed muscle to a contracted muscle back to a relaxed muscle.
My medium will be a PowerPoint presentation that uses a narrative, pictures and captions. The typeface that I use will be a simple one that a reader can read for a long period of time. As for my pictures, I am not the best photographer around but I want to make sure that my audience sees proper form when it comes to lifting. As for my plan to obtain theses picture, I went to the gym and started lifting as I normally would. I only took pictures of me doing exercises with my warm up sets so I don’t give up good form for a picture.  I will had someone else take the pictures and I reviewed them afterwards.

I want to have the audience see that working out does not have to be an unpleasant experience. So I do not want to overwhelm the audience. I want keep 3 pictures on the slide maximum. No more than 3 and no less than 1. It has to be a progression of one exercise per slide.


1)      What is your motivation in this communication situation?
I am communicating to provoke the idea of how there is beauty in how the body works together. I am communicating to show people how diverse workouts can be.

2)      What do you hope your audience will do or feel or think after having experienced the communication you will produce?
I hope my audience will think about how muscle is actually created. I want my audience to have a sense of what every workout does.
3)      If there is some event or situation that made you want to communicate with others, describe it in as much detail as possible. 
I want communicate physical fitness because I used to be the scrawny kid in class. I want to communicate physical fitness because I was also the fat one in class.
4)      What would be the best possible outcome of the communication? What would be the worst possible outcome?
The best possible outcome would be that my audience gives physical fitness a try.
My work possible outcome would be that my audience does not trust me.
5)      How will your communication change the situation in which you make the communication?
It will help my audience consider fitness.


1)      Generate a list of audience characteristics.
My audience will usually be anyone above the age of 12. My audience can be any race or gender. They will also have some interest or maybe even some basic knowledge about physical fitness.
2)      Imagine your audience members at the moment they encounter the communication you make, no matter what you’re making.
My audience will probably be motivated enough to start looking up basic information the internet. Maybe they even started their journey to the gym and need to hear someone else’s story on why they lift and/or run. They will be motivated or mad.  Mad because they might be fed up with their body image.
3)      Filter your list.
My audience can be anyone that is starting to get into physical fitness. They might want to try something new or they might fed up with their body image.


1)      The time of the communication
The time of communication can be any time since it is on the internet. My audience is going to be able to hear my thoughts any time of the time or anytime of the year.
2)      The place of the communication.
The place of the communication will be behind a computer. They can be using a Personal computer or a in a public area
3)      There border context of the communication
The internet is where the blog is going to be so my audience might not trust the information I provide. They might think it is not real science.


I have learned a lot in this project. I am far from a professional photographer, blogger, and writer but I am satisfied with everything i have learned so far.
I have deviated far away from my original plan and purpose statement but I think i did it for the better. You never really know where your going once you start and i felt like that once i actually started my photo essay. Mike Tyson explained it best when he said that everyone has plan until they get hit. Which is true, I had a purpose plan that i thought would be perfect but once i started my photo essay things changed. The way my photos are set up completely changed my purpose. I broadened my audience and restricted my less in some areas but i also freed myself a bit from other areas.In my original plan i had original planned on having the narrative tell a different story but then as we read more and went to more classes i realized that the narrative told to much of the story instead of the pictures. My whole theme is to get people to see that lifting is actually pretty simple. My photo essay is not meant to be an allegory for anything else. It is just as simple as lifting

Thursday, January 22, 2015

What do you realize about written communication when you realize that design is involved? 

I realized that design can tremendously impact your words. With words you are trying to paint a picture for the reader, but the typography itself can become the pictures themselves. Design can catch a readers before the first word of the paragraph can. Design is not only limited to the aesthetics of the written work, but it also evokes meaning behind the words. It is another form that the reader can connect to the writer. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Do i think of Blogs? 

I believe that Blogs are great. Blogs give a mean of communication that is natural with no restriction. Blogs give insight into the blogger's point of view on anything they decided to write about. 

Can a blog be useful? 

Blogs can be useful for the writer and the reader. The writer has the benefit of having not to edit or filter their point of view and the reader can see the more natural side of the writer. In cases where the media may want you to view an event a certain way you may choose to read a few blogs to see other points of view. 

Does a "blog" or "blogger" signify a specific type of a person to you? What kind of person blogs? 

To me a blogger is a person he feels so strong about something that they want to get that message out whether if anyone reads it or not. Anyone who wants to spread their opinion can be a blogger in my eyes. 

Could a blog have a use for you? What would that be? 

I think i could probably use a blog to help articulate my ideas better over time. It could also see how maybe i have formulated the opinions i currently have.