Thursday, January 22, 2015

What do you realize about written communication when you realize that design is involved? 

I realized that design can tremendously impact your words. With words you are trying to paint a picture for the reader, but the typography itself can become the pictures themselves. Design can catch a readers before the first word of the paragraph can. Design is not only limited to the aesthetics of the written work, but it also evokes meaning behind the words. It is another form that the reader can connect to the writer. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Do i think of Blogs? 

I believe that Blogs are great. Blogs give a mean of communication that is natural with no restriction. Blogs give insight into the blogger's point of view on anything they decided to write about. 

Can a blog be useful? 

Blogs can be useful for the writer and the reader. The writer has the benefit of having not to edit or filter their point of view and the reader can see the more natural side of the writer. In cases where the media may want you to view an event a certain way you may choose to read a few blogs to see other points of view. 

Does a "blog" or "blogger" signify a specific type of a person to you? What kind of person blogs? 

To me a blogger is a person he feels so strong about something that they want to get that message out whether if anyone reads it or not. Anyone who wants to spread their opinion can be a blogger in my eyes. 

Could a blog have a use for you? What would that be? 

I think i could probably use a blog to help articulate my ideas better over time. It could also see how maybe i have formulated the opinions i currently have.