Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Defining work career and vocation

To me, work can be defined as doing something that you have to do that you are not completely passionate about. Career means that the activity you are doing is something that you get paid for. Vocation is something that you are really good at and you really enjoy. All of these three are similar, but vary in some sort of way. For example, hard work needs to be done to even find your vocation and then perfect it. Sometimes your vocation becomes your career and your work becomes your passion. Work, Career, and Vocation work together yet they conflict with each other. It creates a problem with what career path people choose, because maybe the career they pick is not something that they are passionate about. That is when a career turns into something that is work related. When you end up doing something you love regardless of how much income you recieve it is a vocation. Some people are blessed to be passionate about a career that happens to pay well. Others are only passionate about money, while the some only want is to be good at their vocation.